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North Scottsdale Democrats

Two levels of NSD voting membership are available:


1) Voting Member in Good Standing - Participate in NSD biennial elections and vote on resolutions, bylaws changes, candidate endorsements, etc. Basic Annual Membership Dues amount: $25.00 minimum donation.

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2) Sustaining Member - Includes all the same privileges as Voting Member in Good Standing (above), plus invitations to special Sustaining Member events and other benefits as determined by the NSD Executive Committee. Annual Sustaining Member dues amount: $300 minimum donation. Two payment methods are available: lump sum donation of $300 or more, or recurring monthly contributions of $25 or more.  In addition, all Sustaining Members receive an appreciation gift of one NSD-branded, insulated, stainless steel beverage tumbler.

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Why Become a member North Scottsdale Democrats PAC?  


In the current 2023-24 election cycle, North Scottsdale Democrats (NSD) will again be actively engaged in supporting Democratic candidates who will advance the values of democracy, inclusivity, women's rights, sustainability and progress, just as we did in the last election.  If you are as passionate about these goals as we are, we hope you will consider becoming a dues-paying member of our Political Action Committee (PAC).  

The old adage is true: Together Everyone Achieves More (TEAM). As a PAC, we operate on the principle that by pooling our financial and non-financial resources, our combined impact will be much greater than if we are acting separately as individuals.  And by becoming a Voting Member of NSD, you will have a voice in shaping the organization's priorities and how our combined resources are deployed.

For more information on NSD membership dues and privileges, see NSD Bylaws, Article VII. 

If you have any questions regarding NSD membership, please contact the NSD Membership Chair.

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