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Mission: Protect and Strengthen Democracy by Electing Democrats

Democracy may have won in the 2022 General Election, but the fight to defend it from extremists is far from over! Believe it or not, some people actually think that American democracy should be replaced with a system of government that is less free, less democratic and much more authoritarian!


So, the question that was on the ballot in 2022, remains on the table today: Is American democracy worth saving?


Like the majority of those who voted in 2022, North Scottsdale Democrats believe that it is! And, we believe the best way to protect and strengthen our democracy is to elect Democrats -- candidates who are committed to defending the Constitution, the rule of democratically enacted law, our civil liberties, the right to vote and other precious, democratic institutions.

Helping to elect such candidates is the primary focus of North Scottsdale Democrats and you can help us accomplish this by donating to support our efforts.

North Scottsdale Democrats has no paid staff and is not affiliated with any political party or candidate committee. Nor do we receive any financial support from such outside entities. Everything we do depends on the financial generosity and volunteerism of our members -- people just like you who share our values. Your contributions, large and small, are greatly appreciated.

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