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Return your ballot in 72 hours to help our candidates WIN!
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How does returning your ballot in 72 hours help our Democratic candidates win?

When your ballot is received by the County Recorder, the official voter database is updated to show that you have voted. Our candidates and volunteers use this database to select which voters to contact through phone calls, text messages, direct mail and door-to-door canvasses. If all of us return our ballots quickly, our candidates can then select only those voters who have not yet cast their ballots thereby narrowing their campaigns to concentrate on persuading those voters who are truly undecided. This saves time and money and helps our candidates maximize the effectiveness of their voter outreach activity. (Pro Tip: The sooner you return your ballot, the sooner people will stop calling you and knocking on your door!)

So when should you return you ballot?

Ballots will be mailed to voters on Wed, Oct 12, so most people will receive theirs by Saturday. Ideally you should fill out your ballot over that weekend and mail it back by Mon, Oct 17 or as soon as possible thereafter.

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